Thursday, 9 May 2013

Rachel McCarthy

My name is Rachel McCarthy, but only since 5 April 2013.  I became known as Rachel McCarthy (or RachMc which I am trying to have catch on as my nickname...) when I married my lovely husband, hereinafter known as Himself.

I began blogging after myself & Himself got engaged.  You may already know me from my original and wonderful (even if I do say so myself) blog 'Diary of a Deflating Bride'.  My reason for blogging was that I wanted to encourage myself to stay on track while loosing weight for the big day, and also poke a little fun at what is definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, a battle against the bludge.  A battle which is not helped by my fickle will power and the incredible ease at which I can be lead astray, lead myself astray and my detestation of all things exercise.

As I am no longer a Bride, but am still deflating, I decided to give my blogging presence an overhaul to reflect my new label - Wife!

So this is the story of a girl who wants to wake up waif like and bony without actually having to change her habits, move more or drink less wine - realistic desires to the end!

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